Mission Complete . . . And a New Assignment

Remember last year when I went on my community garden mission?  I searched long and hard to find some extra space to commandeer, but ultimately never found any.

Well, this year I got on the ball a little earlier, and as of this evening I am a proud member of the Eastside Community Garden.  I don't have my assigned plot yet, but I'll report back with pictures as soon as I do.  Although I am, of course, thrilled to have more room, this kind of throws my original plans for this year out the window.  And honestly, I feel a little overwhelmed every time I start thinking of new ones.

A 12 x 8 plot might seem small to some, but to me right now it might as well be acreage.  It's about 4 times the space I worked with last year.  I know we have to have pumpkins, but beyond that . . . . Should I plant all flowers in my planter box at the house and just do veggies in the community garden plot?  Do I want to have to walk 5 blocks when I need a tomato for dinner?  Or greens?  Should I make a butterfly garden?  Or just plant a ginormous box of lavender?

Clearly more planning is in order . . . .