Instagram-y Noticing

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I got to play on the Mamalode Instagram feed on Monday.  Not a hugely remarkable thing, but--in combo with the suddenly spring weather--the excuse to have my camera out all day made it feel like an unofficial holiday.  

While I think we probably all need to put-down-the-gosh-darned-phone more, I love having such an always-ready tool to notice things.  I like being able to save the best of those "noticings" and carry them around in my pocket.  I know there are other ways to do those things--journaling, paper photos, or even just tucking beautiful images away in your mind--but my phone camera just makes it so darned easy.

And then I can share some of it with you all, so that's nice, too.

From top to bottom: 1. Last fall's seed pods still hanging on.  2. The day's egg haul.  3. A whole big conglomeration of the Kiddo.  4. My tangled mess of scarves.  5.  A quote from my office wall.  6. Sweet Tori, my lap chicken.

Shameless plug:  My instagram feed is mybitofearth, let's be friends there!