St. Patty's Day, Jayhawk Style

Dsc05585We've had some pretty great St. Patrick's Days over the past few years.  In 2003, we watched a parade on Bourbon Street in New Orleans, and in 2005 we were actually in Ireland--we caught a parade in Tralee.  I have to say though, for sheer size, variety, and good, old-fashioned family fun, although the Lawrence parade certainly didn't match the one in New Orleans (which included too many "Hurricanes" from a slurpee machine and lots of beads), it was at least a close tie with the celebrations we experienced in Ireland. 

The parade went on for over an hour--and that was just when we finally had to leave because we were starving.  Although there were lots of cars and other not particularly exciting entries, there were also a lot of fun entires and even a few pretty big floats.  Even the dogs got some treats tossed their way!  (Thanks Nice Pawsh Wash People!)  And to top it off, Nice In-Laws decided to come up for the weekend, so we had good conversation to boot.  More pictures here.