Gardening In the Ground

I got my assigned plot in the community garden today. 

I didn't plant anything this afternoon.  I'm still a little befuddled by the size to tell you the truth, and I decided it would be better to stop and think before just tossing stuff in.  Of course, if I can't make some real decisions by mid-week or so, I may just have to toss stuff in to get things started. 

It's amazing how much more work it is to garden in the ground as opposed to in a raised bed!  It took me about two hours of pretty hard grubbing to get my 12 x 10 space all cleared out.  If I never see another dandelion again it will be too soon . . . but I know I'll be seeing hundreds of them in just a few weeks because the darned tap roots kept breaking off in the ground.

But . . . the soil is well broken up . . . it's in a nice spot, right in front of the garden . . . there may be some shade difficulties from a nearby tree eventually . . . but overall I'm quite pleased.  Even when I was chasing bits of dandelion root, I was still having a blast.  Working a desk job, I think you kind of forget how good it feels to do real physical work.  I'm tired, but it's that great kind of tired where your muscles are nice and stretched out and you sleep like a baby.  And it's a very soul-comfy feeling to know I did something good today . . . . here's my before and after.