The Easter Tree

Dsc05621Many years ago, when I was very small, Nice Dad was stationed in Germany with the Air Force.  One year while he was there, he sent me some beautifully carved and painted Easter egg ornaments with instructions that I was to find some short tree branches, put them in a vase, and hang the ornaments from them to make an "Easter tree".  Each Spring after, my Mom and I did just that.

Over the years, we've lost a few of the original ornaments and had to add some new ones, but I think the older eggs (like the one pictured) are still my favorite.

This year, I decided to try something just a little different.  Instead of hanging the eggs on bare branches, I cut some small bits from the tree that flowers in front of our house and from a lilac bush across the alley.  I think once the flowers bloom it should really be pretty--more pictures to come.