Community Garden Workday

Dsc05638The first community garden workday was this morning.  There was much digging and discussing.  I helped dig up the community strawberry patch and herb garden, and then retired to my own little plot. 

After doing some digging of my own, I covered up the areas that aren't going to be planted for a few more weeks (or for as long as I can stand to hold off).  As I was working, I noticed I've got a few little onion sets starting to peek up, and some teeny-tiny salad greens and radishes. 

Unfortunately, it looks like the bunnies got to my cabbage plants; they're still there, but they were pretty stripped down.  They may have been just trying to be nice, but the other gardeners opined that the cabbages weren't beyond recovery, so maybe they'll grow back.  Or maybe I'll have to make them some little cages to keep them safe.  Or maybe I'll take Moe up to the garden and let him catch some bunnies (not really, just kidding).

And as for the little flying terrier statute in the picture?  Well, I found him at the nursery the other day, and decided that every garden needs a little deity.  Now he just needs a name . . . .