Chicken Fever

GoldcampinechickvalerieackleyatfeatI was at the local farm implement store this weekend looking for trellis material for the community garden plot, when I noticed they had little chickens and ducks for sale. 

I must have sat and watched them for 20 minutes.  One of the store employees finally came over and asked it I wanted to hold one; I sadly said no, patted the offered duckling on the head, and resumed my trellis hunt.

But, of course, seeing the little ones reminded me of my little imaginary flock and my little imaginary cute chicken coop.  Although it may subside at times, my chicken fever is just biding it's time; so, to tide myself over for now, I'm going to start a list of links to fun chicken websites as I find them.  You can check it out at the (way) lower right.  Cluck-cluck.

(Golden Campine chick photo courtesy of Valerie Ackley and