Future Crooked Carrot?

Dsc05688Everyone--well, everyone except our local gardening columnist Gwyn Mellinger--has told me that carrots can be persnickety to grow.  You have to dig the soil extra deep and then sift it (says Sweet Husband who apparently learned this from his Grandfather--a Master Gardener who knew his stuff).  Then you have to pray that the seeds stay put, and a crust doesn't form on top of the soil, and the bunnies don't eat the seedlings, and even if you do all of that you still might end up with (gasp!) crooked carrots!  Doesn't that seem like a lot that could go wrong?

And, to make matters worse, in my hurry to just get the seeds in the ground, I violated many of the above rules.  (Don't tell anyone, but I only dug down about six inches . . . and I didn't sift . . . .)  However, despite my shortcomings, I was relieved to see I have some carrots growing.

Will they be crooked?  Only time will tell.  But on the bright side, I bet we could use them for some interesting food sculpture, er, stuff . . . .