I'm Normal, It's My (Fill In the Blank) That's Screwed Up--Hooray!

The second lesson of the day came from Garden Rant, in a post about tulips.  Garden Rant's Elizabeth says:

"I know many who have given up on tulips because the plants don't act like other perennials, coming back bigger and better each season. Hybrid tulips kind of do the opposite: they decline after a year or so, particularly when the conditions are not ideal. Hybrid tulips=annuals in my gardening practice; I plant them in containers and raised beds and compost them without a qualm when they're done."

Again, I planted what felt like a truck-load of tulips our first year here, and was very disappointed when they bloomed for just one year and were never heard from again.  Come to find out, it's not me, it's the tulips--hooray!  I think next year I may try as she suggests and plant species tulips instead.

I'm normal, it's my climate/flower choice/non-specific gardening books that are screwed up--hooray!