Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

My goal for the big planter box was to:

  1. pick flowers suited to the "prairie"--i.e. stuff the seed companies say will work in Kansas without a lot of fuss or a ton of water
  2. pick flowers that will attract butterflies
  3. pick flowers that will be pretty! 

If everything works out as it should, there will be a nice stacked effect with the tallest flowers in the back and the shorter ones down in front.

I also gave in and ordered some roses again.  This time I got two "Morden Sunrise", a Canadian rose.  It's supposed to be disease resistant, small, and hardy to Zone 3.  This means I should be able to leave the plants outside in their pots over the winter (which, in case you don't remember, ended up being a fatal problem with the last roses).  The summer heat might be another problem all together, but they're pretty enough to be worth the experiment.  And they can't be any fussier than the tea roses were.

Last, but not least, I got some dahlia bulbs for the little pot outside of our back door.  I wanted to have dahlias in our wedding, but unfortunately the crop failed that year so I had to settle with a bouquet of gorgeous Black Baccara roses instead.  (I know, poor me.)  Since then I've always wanted to have a few dahlias, but haven't been able to prioritize a space for them--which (with the addition of the NAME garden) is not a problem this year.  I picked this really pretty "Arabian Night".

I planted the flowers in the big box today.  It's a little early, but I figured if the weeds are growing the flowers will too.  Plus I can easily cover them in case of frost, and even if some do die since I used seeds instead of plants it won't be expensive to replace them.  I've also already planted the dahlia--again, it will be easy to pull inside if it frosts.  I haven't planted any flowers in the ground yet, and the roses won't be here until the end of the month.

Yeah flowers!