In case of Armageddon . . .

Dsc05750. . . we're ready with chocolate and dog food.

I made enough doggie dinners tonight to last 4 days. 

The wonderful thing about making food in large batches is that you can save time and dirty dishes by cooking everything at once (e.g. if you're making two recipes that each need 4 cups of rice you can just make 8 cups of rice).  I got all of this food ready--and the resulting dishes in the dishwasher--in a little under an hour.

The horrible thing about making food in large batches is that you have to remember what needs to go in which bowl.  It's not a thing you can do (or, at least, it's not a thing I can do) with your mind on the day's events.  Of course, I didn't realize my mind was somewhere else until after dumping six hard boiled eggs into a bowl already containing turkey (the recipes in the book I'm working from are all based on one protein source and one grain source per recipe, thus turkey and eggs in the same bowl is a no-no).  Thankfully, the eggs were still mostly whole, and thus easy to pick out.

Other than that though, it's been so far, so good.  The dogs are ecstatic, and don't appear to be having any digestive upset.  (Yes, that really means what you think it means--no runny poops.)  And better still I've been able to ease up on the constant checks of the still growing recall list.  Peace of mind is a very good thing.