Earthdog Fun Day

141875973m_2We made the long drive to St. Louis today for a Missouri Earthdogs fun day.  Despite the unseasonable cold (my car thermometer said it was 28 degrees), we made some good progress with the Wee Welshman.  We're working on his senior title--the most difficult part of which is that, after he gets to the rats and barks at 'em for awhile, the rats get pulled out of the tunnel and Moe has to come back to me when I call him.  Moe seems to be under the impression that if he just sits there and barks long enough, the rats will come back; this makes it very difficult to get him to recall properly.

But today, for the very first time, he came back when I called him.  He didn't come back immediately, or even in a short enough time that he would have gotten a leg on his title if today had been a real match.  But he did come back--which made it a very good day.  More pictures (including some very flattering ones of me with my head in the hole) here.