The Days Between Seasons

The days between

[Today I'm happy to welcome my friend, Lisa Coffee.  She blogs about her beautiful family and their Appalachian adventures at Little Coffee Beans.  She also makes the most delightful chicken lovies and pillows, which are for sale in her Etsy shop, Sister Chicken.]

Born in the summer, my happy place is firmly rooted in the barely-dressed-and-barefoot months of the year. I’m naturally more drawn to the heat and relaxed tide of summer days than I am to the broody frost of winter. Even so, I’m not sure that I can pick a favorite season. I do enjoy the variety of seasonal offerings and picking a favorite seems to disregard what I love about the full spectrum.

Really, it’s these transitional days - the days between seasons - that seem to awaken my senses the most. With snow one day and sixty-five-glorious-degrees the next, Mother Nature has my attention.

The days, when despite the snowmelt, or more likely because of it, we rush to shed our layers, allowing bare feet, shoulders and even our bellies to greet the sunshine for the first time in months.

When the woodstove is continuously stoked, despite the fact that the backdoor is left open all day.

When we spy bluebirds, song sparrows, phoebes and Carolina wrens returning to the yard in sing-songy pairs.

The days, when the tiniest sprig of green, poking up through wet, brown earth simply cannot be passed by without an outward display of thanks and praise.


It’s the days between that fulfill every part of me, while simultaneously rallying a child-like anticipation of what we’re on the verge of… Spring!

Glorious spring. She is a-coming! And my goodness, is she going to be sweet.