The Exciting World of Vegetable Mush

Dsc05767Today, I made a full week's worth of food for the dogs.  According to the book I'm using, vegetables need not be added to any of the recipes to make them "nutritionally complete", however it does say vegetables can be added (either macerated-raw or lightly steamed) without throwing things out of whack. 

So, today I dutifully ground up some carrots, green beans, and a little parsley, and put three or four tablespoons into each portion of the pups food.  Being a family of two in a world that portions things for four, we always have extra vegetables on hand either from the store or from the garden, so it was nice to be able to put them to a good use rather than watching them mold in the fridge.  And, although it's certainly not of any great importance, adding just a little color to the dogs' food made it look and smell much nicer to me--kind of like little doggie casseroles.

As for the dogs' reactions?

Well, Moe has been raised on a little carrot or apple or melon as a treat every now and then, so he would have probably eaten the veggies plain. 

Porter, on the other hand, didn't become my dog until she was 3 and thus missed out on the early fruit and vegetable acclimatization.  She'll sometimes try a little fruit if it's cooked, but turns her nose up at all things crunchy or not sweet.  That being the case, I was a little worried that she might go on a hunger strike with even a little bit of veg mixed into her food.  My worries turned out to be completely unfounded; she gobbled up her evening cottage cheese and rice without even noticing the change.