Would You Sit For This?

Dsc05790Someone asked me the other day what my final "dog food" looks like.  Of course, since I'm rotating recipes it looks different each day, but this beef and macaroni was tonight's dinner.  As you can see, it kind of ends up like hamburger helper or a dry casserole.

I find myself wondering what the dogs think about it.  I think they like it a lot. They're usually pretty good about kind of hanging around in the kitchen at chow time, but lately they'll sit perfectly in front of the microwave, watching anxiously, as their dinner warms up.  It's an intensity I haven't seen before.  On the other hand, maybe they just like the variety.  Or maybe they haven't yet realized that this is going to be an every day thing, so they're gobbling up each meal as if it's going to be their last.