What Goes Around Comes Around . . . And Sometimes Karma Tastes Good!

Dsc05791About a month ago, I gave a few of my hens'n'chicks to a co-worker.  To repay the favor, last week she brought me an Amish Friendship Bread starter. 

To make Amish Friendship Bread, you have to begin with a starter from someone else.  You mush up the bag every day to mix it, and it gradually grows.  Then, on the tenth day, you add flour, sugar, and milk; divide the batter into roughly five parts; use one part to make bread yourself and give the other four parts away to friends as starters.

Supposedly (or so the recipe I got with my starter says) only the Amish know how to make a starter from scratch--the idea being that you have to get one from a friend, you can't just make your own.  I thought that was kind of a sweet, quaint notion, but Sweet Husband didn't buy it.  He thought surely you could find the recipe on the internet.  Since I'm a cheater, I checked.  Sure enough, the internet reveals all secrets.

But the bread is still really good!