Orange and Brilliant

Dsc05825Went home for a wedding this weekend--some college friends that have been dating forever, very sweet.

But I'm wondering, is it weird that--mostly since my own wedding, I think--I've kind of become a wedding critic?  Not in a catty or snotty way.  It's more like I just notice the things I like a lot more; I wonder if maybe it's that I have more appreciation for the thought and work that goes into it all?

Like this weekend's ceremony.  It could have been just a simple Spring wedding like many of us have been to--nice, pretty, whatever.  But the Bride--and knowing both the Bride and Groom, I'm pretty sure it was the Bride--chose this amazing orange color scheme.  As you can see from the picture, it's not a color most people would see and think "wedding"; it was a really unusual choice, but--between the colors inside the church and the flowers and even the Bride's dark hair--it was just brilliant.  A few more pictures here.