Bullet Dodged?

Natural Balance Venison and Rice--the exact kind of dog food that we still have half a bag of in the pantry--was recalled today

I'm pretty positive Moe and Port haven't been effected.  I've been watching them carefully as we've made the switch to home-cooked food, and haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.  Everybody's actually been pretty healthy these past few weeks (*knock on wood*) for which I'm extremely grateful.

I'm also happy that Natural Balance seems to have come forward quickly as soon as they realized something was wrong--whether they would have done the same without all that's already happened is anyone's guess, but for the sake of my own sanity I'm going to believe they would have.

Still though...entirely too close to home.  While I probably should have done it already, I think I'm going to sit down this weekend and jot off a letter to my congress people, as the Pet Connection suggests.