The Garden of Digging

I got kind of discouraged after the frost killed my lettuces, and, as such, haven't set foot in the Burrow garden for over a week.  So, today I drove down to survey and repair the damage.  The onions were still looking lovely, and the weeds were hardy as ever.  I had so many weeds in fact, that I just decided to dig the whole thing over again rather than pull each one individually. 

That makes three times I've dug the plot in just a little over a month.  I was (again) feeling discouraged by that, but then I thought--there's a lot of time to think when you're digging--even if all I do all summer is plant things and dig them up, it's still cheaper and more fun than a gym membership.  Being much cheered by that thought, I proceeded to plant my little garden.  (Click to make the picture bigger.)


As you can see, the plan changed a little--partly because, once I was actually shopping, I found I couldn't live with just three kinds of tomatoes, so I had to get four.  I also skipped replanting the cabbage and lettuce and radishes.  I have a little stash of lettuce growing here at the house, and I decided, for the sake of space, to table the radish and cabbage until fall.