The First Homemade Dog Food Snafu . . .

. . . POO.

I could describe it in all it's glory, but you don't want me too--suffice to say, yellow, smelly, liquid.

What caused it?  I'm not sure, but I have theories.  It could be the veggies.  It could be that the dogs had different water this weekend than they're used to.  It could be that we tried chicken for the first time last weekend.  It could be something they ate that I don't even know about.  At this point, it's almost impossible to isolate the variables.  Moe is worse than Porter (whose poo is actually almost normal), but even that doesn't help because we've learned from past experience that Moe's tummy upsets are always worse than Porter's.

What are we doing about it?  Well, per Strombeck we should fast the pups for a few days, and then start them on a bland diet of rice and cottage cheese.  I'm not quite comfortable not feeding them for the three days the books suggest, but we're going to try 24 hours at least.  It seems to make sense--humans don't eat when we're sick either. 

So far we're at about hour 13 since the pups were last fed--I'll report back on how it all goes.