I Love Fishes 'Cause They're So Delicious!

TunarowTonight's dinner--sushi!  And rather than going out, we decided to try our hand at making our own.

It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  We used this book as a guide to make a few different unagi rolls, one tuna roll, and some shrimp and tuna nigiri.  Our first roll had too much rice, but the rest were very pretty. 

We (ok, I) bought way too much fish, though.  The man at the meat counter said a quarter pound of tuna would probably be good for two people, but I really wanted to try it all.  Then I tried to make miso soup and edamame as sides (neither of which turned out well).  We ended up with way too much and unfortunately had to throw some away....

Truly though, it was a lot of fun--probably one of the better "dates" we've had in a long time!  A few more pictures here.