The Light is Returning





[For this week's last guest post, I'm happy to have Stephinie from Gypsy Forest.  In addition to her lovely blog, Stephinie also sells beautiful hand-dyed playsilks and wonderful "explorer bags" at her Gypsy Forest Etsy shop.]

The light is returning.

I know, winter solstice was months ago and it’s been returning for some time now. But now I can feel it. The warmth of it on my skin. The longer days and earlier mornings. Oh spring, we have waited so long for you this year. As the days grow warmer I watch the world around me awake. Bits of green sprouting up here and there. Buds popping open and stretching their leaves toward the sky. Sun worshipers. Every one of us.

The abundance of eggs from the chickens is received gratefully into our kitchen.

The sap running in the maple trees.

The snow melting away and leaving us a good bit of thick mud to tromp through as we find treasures from the winter wind. My young ones favor bird nests this season.

Let the warm days keep rolling in..... there are seeds to plant and bees due to arrive so very soon. There are fiddleheads to unfurl and coats to shed and hours to spend in the hammock with a good book. Important things, you know?

Sweet lovely spring. You never cease to find us, and yet each year I find myself surprised and grateful by your arrival. It’s so very good to see you again......