How To Build A (Passable) Earthdog Practice Tunnel From One Piece of Plywood

I started investigating, and quickly figured out that I could easily make a small, one-turn tunnel with 2 pieces of plywood.  However, that was going to leave a lot of wood left over; since we don't really have room to store it and I hated to just throw it away, I decided I needed to get it down to just one piece of wood.

Between Sweet Husband and I, it took a little math and head scratching to figure out the best way to do it, but here is basically how we cut the wood.

CutsAnd here's how we put it all together.

Dsc05925Although I'm very inexperienced as of yet, I think this tunnel will work, at least for my purposes right now.  Moe--who is currently working on his senior earthdog title--isn't having problems with the additional tunnel length.  If he was, I don't think I would use this short of a tunnel for fear he would balk at something longer when it came time for a test.  Moe's major problem right now is recall, and I think we can work that in a short tunnel just as easily as a long one.  Or, at least, I hope so. 

There are a few more pictures here.