Can You Spot the Difference?

I came across this troubling bit of news on the Quibbler this morning. If you watch for a second, this picture will morph from the regular OOP movie poster, to the IMAX version. Can you spot the differences? (Hint: Watch Emma Watson).

00055ys2_2Yup, that's right--on the IMAX poster she's been photo-shopped to make her waist smaller and her breasts larger. As other's have posted today before me, given the character Hermione's disposition; the fact that she is looked up to by many, many little girls (my own small sister among them); Emma Watson's general public demeanor and attitude ( i.e. not your typical ditzy starlet); and J.K. Rowling's stance on girls and body image (See "Let My Girls Be Hermione's")--this is particularly disturbing.

I'm betting (and really, really hoping) that once news of this gets around a bit more, the person responsible ends up having some pretty heavy explaining to do.

UPDATE (5/8/07):  Via TLC--the IMAX poster was not an officially approved one and it has been taken off the IMAX site.  Thank goodness!