The Cream of the Creme

I don't know what's gotten into me--maybe it's the Spring air--but lately all I want to do is make things.  This isn't an unusual urge for me to have, but this particular manifestation of it is not something I can really remember experiencing before.  Rather than adding to my closet full of half finished fabric and papery-type crafts, I find that all I want to do when I come home at night is cook like a madwoman.

Dsc05954Last night's project--my very favorite, formerly "restaurant only" desert, silky creme brulee.  Here's the recipe, courtesy of Dear Alton.  I used a few generous splashes of bottled vanilla instead of hunting down a bean.  Also, be very careful not to combine the eggs and cream too quickly--it turned out fine, but for a second I was really worried that I had scrambled my eggs! 

As for burning the sugar on top at the end, well, for that your on your own.  Personally, I used Sweet Husband's acetylene torch--please forgive the slightly off-color joke, but it pays to marry a man with the right equipment.  ;)