Burke and Christina:  Did anyone really think there was any chance they were going to actually get married?  I mean, with a few rare exceptions, it hasn't even seemed like they even like each other since sometime last season.  But as for the timing of Burke's epiphany--i.e. after Christina had turned herself inside out to make him happy, was in the dress and ugly choker, had had her eyebrows waxed off by Mama--one word:  McAsshole!

Derrick and Meridith:  OK, so in "Grey's Anatomy time" a year has taken place since the very first episode of season one.  In the past year, Meredith has 1) dated her boss; 2) found out said boss was married; 3) almost gotten blown up; 4) slept with numerous inappropriate men, including one of her bff's George; 5) started to be happy with McVet; 6) which got all messed up when she had sex with McDreamy at prom; 7) had an appendectomy; 8) broke up with McVet for McDreamy; 9) met her Dad, Fake Mom, and Half-Sisters; 10) found out all about the Thatcher-Ellis-the Chief love triangle; 12) been told she was only "ordinary" by her mother; 13) almost drowned; 14) had a near death experience; 15) had her mother die; 16) started building a relationship with her Dad and Fake Mom; 17) only to have Fake Mom die; 18) and Dad slap her....(Did I forget anything?)....and that's not counting any of the crap she's lived through vicariously with her friends. 

And after all that Derrick expects her to be bright-and-shiny-and-normal?  He's McDream-ing!

But I have a prediction for them. 

Derrick is going to become enamored with BarGirl (aka Lexi Grey), providing mountains of fodder for the writers--i.e. Lexi is what Meredith would be had she not been so damaged by her Mommy-Dearest, Derrick's thing for dating interns, yet another intern dating an attending, Meredith and Lexi's relationship, Meredith and Lexi's relationship being complicated by Derrick, Meredith and Lexi's relationship being complicated by Thatcher, Meredith and Lexi's relationship being complicated by Susan's death etc., etc.  (And did you all notice when Derrick met Lexi at the bar, it was the day of Susan's funeral.  Her Mom's just died, and she's out having a drink--sounds a little like someone else we know!)

Meanwhile, with Derrick out of the picture, Meredith is going to hook up with Sloan (after all who hasn't?), who, if you'll remember wanted to hook up with her in the camping episode.  We'll learn all about Sloan's tortured past, and it'll be a lot like Meredith's tortured past, and lots of comparisons will be made to the Derrick-Addison-Sloan love triangle, and Derrick and Sloan's friendship will be tested, and Meredith and Derrick will yell at each other in stairwells a lot, etc., etc.

The O'Malley's and Izzie:  The thing here is, secrets have a way of getting out--especially when they're ongoing secrets.  Enough said about that.  I really enjoyed it when Callie pulled the McBitchy card on Izzie just before the non-wedding though--it was much more in character than her whiny "give me back my husband" speech. 

I do wonder what they're going to do with George though.  As far as I've read T.R. Knight is definitely on for next season.  I honestly wouldn't be surprised, if (after letting everyone stress about it all summer) the writers find some magical way to let him become a resident after all, despite his failed test.  If Izzie can cut the LVAT and still move forward, it doesn't seem like a little thing like a test would hold George back.

And while we're on Izzie, that girl does get around doesn't she?  Again, in the space of a year, she broke up with HockeyGuy, met DennyHerTrueLove, got over Denny's death, and is now in love with George.  I'm not saying her life is nearly as traumatic as Meredith's, but you've got to admit, the girl falls in and out of love a little quickly.

Let's see...

And Callie was chosen as chief resident over Bailey?  That seems so illogical to me that I can't sum up any emotion other than "huh?".

And while we're saying "huh?", the Chief is still the Chief?  So, he reconciles with his wife finally, only to go back to the job that was the cause of their break-up in the first place....yeah, that's going to go over well.

*Sigh* I'm almost to the point where I'm not even sure if I really like the show anymore;I still really like the characters, I'm just not sure I like what they're doing with them.  But, like it or not, I know I'll be eagerly anticipating season four.  I think this must something like what it feels like to be a junkie.

I just hope next season is a bit more McCheerful....