Falling Off the Home-Cooked Bandwagon...and Hopping Back On Again, Sort Of

Fooddogmed_2In the continuing saga of our home-cooked dog food....

After Moe got diarrhea, I fiddled with his diet for about a week and a half to try to get his digestive tract back on track.  He got close to firmer poops a few times, but still not really solid.  So, I broke down and bought a small bag of non-recalled kibble--instant gorgeous poops!

I was torn.  I hated to chance the kibble, but I couldn't have Moe with a constantly upset tummy.  Eventually compromise won out, and the pups are now, for the most part, eating kibble for breakfast and home-cooked dinners.  I'm rotating the kibble as much as the selection at our local natural pet food store will allow and buying smaller bags.  Additionally, cooking less has given me time to cook more often.  By cooking just a little food every few days--instead of mammoth batches on the weekends--I can give the dogs fresh food instead of frozen, which is part of the point of making home-cooked food in the first place.

We're constantly tweaking, but if nothing else I've gained some confidence--I'm not so afraid I'm going to accidentally kill a dog, at least!