Img_0041After debating space considerations for several weeks, I finally ordered some hop rhizomes last week.  Even though I don't personally drink Sweet Husband's beer (or any beer, for that matter) I love the nutty smell of it when he's brewing, and I thought it would be much fun to have him make a batch with homegrown hops.

I ordered my hops from a site called Fresh Hops, which, in addition to having several varieties of hops for purchase, has good information for growing them too.  Sweet Husband and I collaboratively chose the "Sterling" variety--him for the mid-range bitterness, me for the early maturity.  The little rhizomes are actually bits of last year's vine.  According to the site, hops can grow up to 25 feet tall in one year.  I decided to trellis mine via a rope hanging down from a second story window of my house--it was the only place high enough!