I Killed Voldemort

Really, I did...in my dream last night.

It was definitely a strange one.  I (as Harry) was at my hometown mall, of all places, talking to Hermione about how the final showdown was coming, when who should be hanging out in the entrance to the arcade but the Dark Lord himself.  He pulled out his wand as if to start a throw-down, but I said, "Not here, meet me at Hogwarts tonight instead."

Later at Hogwarts (which looked less like the castle, and more like a really nice English bed and breakfast) Voldey showed up. 

Now the thing is--in my real life--I'm not so much of a Harry Potter nerd that I know each and every spell and what it does.  This puts me at a real disadvantage when it comes time to dueling in my dreams, and I often find myself shouting one spell over and over again just because (I think) my subconscious mind can't remember anything else.  Last night it was "incantatem" (which I thought was the spell for fire, but according to the Lexicon is not--I think I was looking for "incendio").  I desperately shouted it at Voldemort four or five times causing him to burst into flames and melt into a pile of pale goo. 

Then (the really creepy part) his still partially intact face started speaking to me from the pile of goo.  Can't remember the exact words, but it was something along the lines of "Ha, you think you've won, but you haven't."  At which point the pile of goo started to take human shape again.  I remember thinking I needed to just blow him apart, but I couldn't think of a way to do so.  I finally shouted, "Eronia Exumae" (which I can't find a spelling for anywhere because it isn't in the books, but I know it's what Harry uses in the Chamber of Secrets movie to blast away the acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest).  Instead of creating a jet of light (as it does in the movie) the spell created a jet of air, which blew Gooey-mort into ashes, which promptly flew out the window and scattered, ending my dream.

I can't really take much from this idea or theory-wise, but isn't that about the weirdest dream you've ever heard?

I had another one a few weeks ago that was--although not quite as bizarre--kind of funny.  I was Harry again, only this time instead of dueling it out with Voldey, we were arguing our case to a court.  The funny thing about that one was, as the arguing went on I started getting really afraid that Voldey was going to win.  I was so afraid, in fact, that I ended up waking myself up before the conclusion.

At this point, I don't know if I'm having Harry Potter dreams or Harry Potter nightmares, but I think it's going to only get worse as the release of Deathly Hallows gets closer.  Oh well, there are worse things to dream about, and at least I generally win. 

Hey, maybe that's a good omen for Harry's fate in the books....