Beautiful Number Three

Dsc06182Sweet Husband and I celebrated our third anniversary last night by trying a lovely new sushi place called Cafe Beautiful

Even the build up was fun.  We made reservations a week ago, and every time I mentioned to someone where we were going they would kind of get this dreamy look on their face, smile, and say, "Yeeaahh, you guys are going to have a great time."

As one would expect from the name, the restaurant was indeed beautiful.  It's in a tiny little apartment above Mass Street, and with only 4 tables it felt like we were having dinner at a friend's. 

And the food was beautiful (and incredibly tasty) as well.  We started out with plum tea, and some sort of dry roasted peas.  Next came a soup with all sorts of sea critters in a clear broth; a shredded vegetable salad with wasabi vinaigrette; and an appetizer platter with melon and tomato in a ginger sauce and assorted tiny fish cakes.  For the main course we had sushimi including white tuna in a citrus soy sauce, red snapper and yellow tail tuna; and a sushi platter with a roll with tuna in a spicy sauce, a roll with unagi and fried shrimp, and a roll that seemed kind of like a California roll except with with roe and mango. Dessert was ginger ice cream. 

If you're ever in the area and you like sushi, I would highly, highly recommend it.  It was sooo good!  A few more pictures here.