My biggest problem with the movie was that I thought it was leading one way, and it ended up going the other.  The whole time I thought it would end up with Jack (the quintessential pirate) as captain of the Flying Dutchman, while Elizabeth and Will rode off into the sunset on the Black Pearl.  Not-so-much.  Then I thought, "Oh, OK, ELizabeth and Will are going to ride off in the sunset on the Dutchman like a little pirate King and Queen."  Not-so-much.  But if Nice Mom hadn't told me to stay through the credits I would have been much more upset than I was, I think.  (So STAY THROUGH THE CREDITS!)  Still, it just didn't seem right somehow for Elizabeth to end up stuck on land.  Although I really did like the parallel between Elizabeth and Will and Davy Jones and Calypso--i.e. Elizabeth stayed faithful to Will where Calypso disappeared on Mr. Jones.  (Can you tell I'm a little conflicted about the end?)

I also could have taken a little more back story earlier in the movie.  The whole Calypso thing was weird.  First, they didn't really explain her.  Then you thought that all hell was going to break loose once they set her free.  Then she finds out it was really Davy Jones that screwed her over, but instead of killing him with one mighty, well-timed wave (as you would assume a sea goddess would) she really didn't do anything.

But what I really loved about the movie was Keira Knightly.  That girl is just very good at playing girls that kick ass.  I think it's her chin--she just has a certain way of jutting it out like she means business.  And I'm a sucker for the whole we-may-die-trying-but-by-gosh-we're-going-to-make-a-stand plot line, so her big "fly the colors" speech near the end had me almost in tears.

And of course, Johny Depp was his usual self.  I think fans of the entire series will appreciate some of the kind of nostalgic allusions to the first movie--e.g. Jack breaking himself out of the brig using "leverage"; Captain Barbossa calling Elizabeth "Mrs. Turner" as the end (if you remember she was "Miss Turner" for most of the first movie); Jack befuddling the two British sailors to get Davy Jones' heart (where before he befuddled the same duo to get a ship); and one of my very favorites "Why is the rum gone?!".

There's much more that I could say, but there are so many twists and turns I'm not sure I'm even remembering them all.  As Nice Mom said when I talked to her about it earlier this weekend, it's almost a movie you need to watch twice.  I think once "III" comes out on video I may have to have a Pirates marathon, and see if I can't really take it all in.  Might be a good excuse for a p-ARR-ty....