My Sure Fire Trick for Finding Thrifting Goodies




Are you ready for this?

Are you sure?

Alright, here goes....

Accidentally leave your wallet at home.

I just intended to run to the park to snap a few photos of Sweet Sister--that's why I didn't worry about bringing money.  But then we were all alone and driving right by the antique mall.  I like to look; she doesn't mind.  We swung into a parking space and headed inside for a quick walk through.

And then I found the little ironing board up top there.  And a few quilts that were inexpensive and in good shape.  And various and sundry other things that called out to me.  (None that we needed of course, but, you know, fun stuff.)

I was sad, but not really sad, until I saw that "Thomas" lunchbox.  

"That would make such a perfect Easter basket for the Kid!" I lamented to Sweet Sister.  But neither of us had even a dollar to bargain with, so we went home.

Once there, I put a bug in Nice Mom's ear.  "If you need an Easter idea for your grandson...."

"Well, let's go back and get it then," was her take charge reply.

"Now?" I asked, as if the antique mall were miles away instead of a few blocks.

"Right now!" she already had her keys and wallet in hand.

So we went right back, this time with cash in hand.

Of course, with actual money I could have grabbed a quilt or a jar or a cutie, tiny ironing board.  But I guess it turned out that all I really wanted was that little lunchbox, after all.