For Your Reading Pleasure

There are two or three pretty good essays in this month's Scribbulus

First, check out "Mr. Moony:  Lupin's Curse and His Inspiration?" which explores the depths and complexities of our favorite werewolf.  I particularly like the discussion of why Lupin did not take on more of a role as Harry's surrogate parent--something I've often wondered about myself (well, at least before Dumbledore explained about Harry needing to be able to call Petunia's house "home").

Next, a very nice discussion of the British orphan genre in "A Harsh Upbringing".  This will be a treat for any Bronte fans out there as it compares and contrasts Harry Potter to "Jane Eyre".

Last, but not least, have a skim over "Harry Potter and the Adaptation from Novel to Film", wherein the author discusses the way the films tend to sometimes gloss over important plot points (agreed:  The Marauder's Map), and how--while they might be good movies--they aren't necessarily good movies based on books.  The author gets props for her polite bashing of Mr. Gambon, although she did make me wonder if maybe I should leave Gambon alone and bash the directors for ruining Dumbledore instead.