Textbook Earthdogin'

Dsc06194Moe and I took a mid-week weekend today, and went to an earthdog trial held by the St. Louis Dachshund Club. 

The drive was too long--as usual--and I got a massive sunburn, but Moe was amazing.  It was as if he's been studying the rule book behind my back.  He went straight to the tunnel, got to the rats in 11 seconds, was "the most enthusiastic worker of the day" (quoth the judge), and still made it back to me in 13 seconds when I called him.  I think he's finally got this senior earthdog test figured out. 

Dsc06195Needless to say, he passed with flying colors, and we were both well rewarded for our efforts.  I got the shiny green ribbon above, and Moe got a fuzzy new squeaky toy...which he was so pleased with that he squeaked it most of the way home.

Now we just need one more leg (i.e. he has to do all that one more time) for his senior earthdog title.  There aren't anymore tests in our area until it gets cooler in the fall, so we're hoping to finish up Labor Day weekend when we're planning to attend a test while visiting Nice Dad in California.