Take It Away Ern!

Bus_outside_side2After getting busy signals for about 15 minutes, I finally got through to the St. Louis County Library to register for a spot on the Knight Bus!  The bus is touring the country over the next month to promote book 7, stopping at several libraries along the way.  It's visiting 2 libraries in St. Louis on June 28th, and only 225 people will be allowed on at each, so I was lucky to be able to get through and get a spot. 

I did feel just a little silly when the librarian asked me how many children there would be and I had to say, "Um, no kids, just 2 grown-ups...."  But hey, I'd rather be silly and having fun on the Knight Bus than grown-up and not.  :) 

I'll report back on how it was on June 29th, and, of course, there will be pictures!