Of Gratitude and Plastic Goats in Glass Jars


This morning, I woke up, had a deliciously prepared honey latte, and spent the next several hours doing my "real work"--a job that I find meaningful and interesting and where I get to try to help some people I like.

Then I took the afternoon off to spend some time at my "play" job (side job? prettier job?) photographing cupcakes and doing freezer paper stenciling and building a terrarium, complete with a plastic goat.

I say this not to brag, but more as an acknowledgement of the karmic balancing that's happening after the suck-fest that was January and February:  I am so, so lucky and so truly grateful that I get to feed me and mine by doing work that I love.

[And the terrarium: rocks, activated charcoal, dirt, fern, little bit of water, goat, lid--in that order.]