163593434mTook the Wee Welshman to a dock diving contest today.  (Here's the story of the one we went to last year.)

His longest jump was almost 8 feet which was enough to earn him third place in his category...although, there may have only been 3 dogs, we're not sure.... 

If you can't tell from the above statement, we don't take it seriously at all--which is good 'cause Moe doesn't either.  He's got all kinds of enthusiasm, but he's never very sure about the actual jumping part.  It's kind of funny to watch; he runs as hard as he can right up to the end of the dock, skids to a stop to think about it for half a heartbeat, and then madly pitches himself in. 

And once he's in the water, forget about fishing him out.  Today we had two water wranglers, Sweet Husband, and me (half in the pool), and it still took five minutes to get ahold of him.  After about the third time this happened the announcer started charitably calling it his "victory lap".

But, eh, he has a good time...we have a good time...good family fun is had by all.  More pictures here.