Abstract Alphabet

This evening Sweet Husband and I went to the opening of Stephen Johnson's "Abstract Alphabet" exhibit at the Spencer Museum on KU campus.  As I may or may not have said before, my general criteria for good art is stuff that makes me smile.  And in that regard the alphabet was definitely a success.

PinkAs we walked up to the museum, there were adults and kids making brownie sundaes (with sprinkles!) in tents on the front lawn, and brightly colored hula hoops were scattered about.  The first piece inside the door was a set of painted, curvy spoons (for the letter "S") set vertically on square and round blocks.  But further in was my favorite--"Meditation on the Memory of a Princess"--a gigantic, pink, 8 layer, air mattress tribute to both "the princess and the pea" and the letter "M".  Very fun!

The exhibit runs through August 5, so if you're local go check it out.