And the Food of the Day is....Cucumber!

And what to serve with these lovely salads--why tasty salmon cakes, of course.

Img_1601Historically, salmon cakes (much like their cousins crab cakes and meatloaf) were made to stretch a limited amount of meat and use up any leftover tidbits, so if you're making them I recommend you do just that.  But just to give you an idea what goes into mine....

  • 1 foil pouch of salmon (living in Kansas it's not worth it for me to buy the fresh stuff)
  • half a can of bread crumbs
  • one egg
  • a few generous squirts of creamy horseradish
  • a few tablespoons of mustard
  • about a quarter of a finely chopped medium onion
  • zest and juice of one lemon
  • a few chopped radishes
  • a nice big tablespoon of capers and a big splash of their juice
  • a nice handful of fresh, chopped herbs (I used chives and cilantro)

Mix everything together in a big bowl and form into patties.  (If the mixture is too dry add more of your favorite liquid, if it's too wet add more breadcrumbs.)  You can use a lot of oil and pan fry them if you feel the need, but we usually just coat our non-stick skillet lightly in olive oil and brown them, then finish them off in the oven for a few minutes--just enough to kill any ickies that might be living in the egg.

Place atop a pile of mixed greens (and maybe top with some cucumber salad) and you're good to go!

UPDATE:  Cucumber #3 also did not survive the night--it got turned into "cucumber snackers" and was served up (with slices of plain cheese) for the midnight munchies.  Additionally, any leftover cakes you have from dinner aren't too bad with eggs the next morning.