Third Time's a Charm

Img_1615The first year I planted morning glories, I got a very few lovely blooms in early September.

The second year, I got tons of vines and finally a few flowers in early October, but a week later a frost killed it all.

This year it's June and right now I have both lovely vines and (as of this morning) 3 or 4 resplendent purple blooms (I didn't adjust the color on this picture at all, they really do almost glow like that).  I think I finally did something right....the problem is I'm not really sure what.

But at any rate, here's what I did.  First, I planted a different kind ("Grandpa Ott's" from Seed Savers as opposed to the more standard "Clark's Heavenly Blue" that I had planted in the past).  Second, there have been some really nice rains this year, and I've been pretty faithful about watering in the in-betweens.  Third (although most days I feel like it's a losing battle) everyday as I walk out to get the mail, I've been doing my best to untangle and spread out the vines so they don't grow into clumps.  I've had a heck of a time getting them to grow up instead of out, but I think they're beginning to get the right idea.