The Thirty for 30 Finish Line Party


IMG_5962 IMG_5973
A year ago, Sweet Husband and his Best Running Buddy turned 30.  Many men would perhaps see this as an excuse for a midlife crisis, replete with all the stereotypical debauchery.  These two decided to run 30 half-marathons instead.

To state the obvious, I'm pretty darned proud of both of them.  When they began this challenge last spring, there were a lot of miles in front of them, but they stuck with it.  As they neared the end these past few months, a lot of the initial excitement of the project had worn off.  It was freezing and even still dark many Sunday mornings, but they still gutted it out.

In celebration of the last run today, Running Buddy's wife and I decided that a surprise shindig was in order.  We had friends and cowbells and all of the best sort of hullabaloo ready to cheer the fellas in for their last 100 steps or so.  And, of course, finisher shirts--because you haven't really completed a manly challenge if you don't have a shirt to tell the tale, yes?

Congratulations guys--and I'm excited to find out what's next!