Sorting Kids Clothes


I did our semi-annual sort of the Kid's clothes this past weekend.  

I've always felt a little disorganized on that front.  Pinterest has led me to believe that there are moms out there with neatly folded piles of hand-me-downs waiting in boxes clearly marked with size and season.

I have two boxes, only.  One with things the Kid has outgrown that I'm saving against future children, and one with clothes that are too big or out of season but might work later.  Both boxes get opened exactly twice a year.  Once in the spring and once in the fall, I deposit the Kid's out-growns into the "future kid" box and retrieve things that will fit from the "too big" box.

It's not a perfect system.  This year the Kid has enough shorts to wear a different pair everyday for a month, but could use some cute shirts.  In the past he's had plenty of tops, but no bottoms.  

On the whole, though, it fits the time and space I have to devote to the project, so I suppose that's a win?

How do you keep track of extra kids clothes?

[Also, I wanted to let everyone who chimed in know--the record player was a 75.  I decided not to keep it, but I found it a good home!]