The Knight Bus!!!

Dsc06233As promised, here are pictures of the Knight Bus which we saw today at the St. Louis County Public Library. 

A lady we talked to in line said she saw the bus traveling down the interstate and it was going about 30 miles per hour--evidently it's not as maneuverable as the one in the books and movie!  From the outside, the bus was about 15 feet tall, but the inside compartment was much smaller.  There was only room for about 10 people max and the ceilings were definitely not triple decker.

When we got to the library the bus was already there.  There were hundreds of little kiddos running around doing different crafts (you could make Harry Potter glasses, a tie, and a magic wand) and answering trivia questions for prizes.  Purple and gold stars and crepe paper were hanging from the trees, and the sidewalks had all been sprayed with glitter paint.

Dsc06242_5Everyone who had pre-registered got a purple bracelet that allowed you to get on the bus.  We were called by number and allowed to get on the bus about 6 at a time.  As I waited in line, one of the bus crew people quizzed me on what I thought was going to happen in Book 7--I think it was his job to get people thinking about what they might say for their video.

Then I got on the bus, which was filled with purple benches made to look kind of like beds. There were electric candle sconces on the walls, a shelf full of Harry Potter books, and a giant countdown to the Deathly Hallows release date. After looking around a bit, I sat down and discussed theories with a few younger fans. They were obviously misguided, as they both thought Harry and Hermione will die, but I didn't argue! :) Dsc06244

After a few minutes I was given my password to look at my video online later.  Then I went through the narrow purple door at the back of the bus and into the video booth.  The guy running the recording asked me if I knew what I wanted to say, and seemed pretty relieved when I said I did.  I sat down, spoke my bit, and left through a kind of hidden back door at the back of the bus.

It was quite a drive (4 hours!) for such a short trip through the bus, but it was fun and I'm glad we went!  There are a few more pictures here.