7 in 7--Chamber of Secrets Week....or More Questions Than Answers

CosLast week's book for 7 in 7 (see link at right) was Chamber of Secrets.  There were three big questions, but no definitive answers.

First, we noted more references to both Snape and Dumbledore's mind-reading skills--e.g. at the end of the book when Dumbledore knows Ginny was bewitched by DiaryVoldemort before Harry tells him.

Second, Snape tries to have Harry expelled.  Does he know that Dumbledore can't/won't expel Harry no matter what because of the prophecy?  Does he have no idea that Harry has to stay at Hogwarts?  Does he know everything and is he just trying to scare Harry or let of steam?

Third, an interesting little passage that I hope gets explained later.  Just after Mrs. Norris gets petrified:  "...Dumbledore's long, crooked nose was barely an inch from Mrs. Norris's fur . . . his long fingers gently prodding and poking.  Professor McGonagall was bent almost as close, her eyes narrowed.  Snape loomed behind them, half in shadow, wearing a most peculiar expression:  It was as though he was trying hard not to smile."