Publicity Whore

This is of little consequence to most of you, I'm sure, but I was pretty tickled by it.

After marveling at the speed with which both Lydia (of The Perfect Pantry) and Biggie (of Lunch in a Box) responded to my posts concerning their blogs, I started to wonder how many people are posting about my blog that I don't know about.  So, I searched for my blog on Yahoo and Google (something I really don't do often) and also signed up for a Google alert to learn when something new is posted.

Suffice to say, I learned that my blog is listed in some pretty weird places (including, according to Yahoo although I can't find it myself, on a blog called "The Long Tail" which features obscure blogs that no one reads.)  But I also learned that I have just recently been linked to on "Blogher"--which (although they feature tons of blogs every day) is pretty cool in my book.