Tell Me a Train Story, Mudder

IMG_5934Two current happenings in the Kid's world.

1. I am all of a sudden "mudder".  I am both annoyed and charmed by this, depending on the time of day.

2. All of our free moments are spent telling made-up train stories.

The train stories are mostly my fault.  It began with our "Train Dream" story, but, of course, telling one story over and over again gets tiring for everyone.  

So we moved on to "The Fastest Express" (renowned train looses epic race in favor of keeping passengers safe) and "The World's Largest Train" (businessman makes a train so long that all the strongest, biggest, fastest engines can't pull it, but two tiny engines can when they use teamwork).

And then it got wilder still, with "Basil, the Engine Who Loved Octopuses" (octopus appears unexpectedly in underwater glass tunnel to help Basil overcome his claustrophobia) and "Antonio, the Engine Who Ran on Pasta" (but later discovers that plums and applesauce are good fuel, too).  

Not to mention two recent favorites, "The Bullet Train" (loud train named Beatrix is scared of bats in tunnels and vice-versa, until Bernadette the Bat is brave enough to make friends) and "The Big Blue Ice Cream Engine" (ice cream delivery engine notices little boy is not coming forward to get treat because he's afraid of loud noise, teaches boy that big noises aren't so scary after all).

Sometimes I want to stop and write down all of our train stories, but they change so fast that it's hard to keep track of them.  

But then I think that perhaps I shouldn't write them down, because, actually, I kinda suck at storytelling.  My endings are typically a lame, "The End".  Most of the time there's a "moral of the story" that's so obvious that it practically has flashing red lights.  And in general, I'm just desperately re-mixing bits of our day and hoping that the Kid won't call me out on it.

As trying as age three can be, it takes such little imagination to enthrall him right now.  While I sometimes get exhausted by, "Tell me a train story, Mudder!" I have to admit that I'll be a little sad when he finally outgrows my storytelling competence.