7 in 7--Prisoner of Azkaban Wrap Up

Poa_2Phew--things are starting to get crazy in the forum as we get to the last three monster-sized books.  I intended to have Order of the Phoenix done by the time I went to see the movie, but I'm down to just a little over 24 hours and it's becoming apparent it's not going to happen!  Oh well!

But, we did have a few nice points brought up about Prisoner of Azkaban....

First, the Wormtail life debt thing has just been left hanging out there, unmentioned but still simmering on a back burner, since the end of POA.  It's got to work back in somewhere and since there's only one book left now we know where it will be.

Second, in the first two books there are all sorts of encounters with Snape where Harry suspects Snape is reading his mind.  In the third book there are similar references, only they deal with Harry's encounters with Lupin.  Could it be that Lupin is also a legilimens?  Potential further support for this theory:  when Harry asks Lupin to help him with the Dementors, Lupin tells Harry that it's "not really his specialty".  This is curious because, 1) since he's the DADA teacher it would seem to make sense that fighting dark magic, such as dementors, would be his specialty; 2) if that's not his specialty then what is?