Interviews with Daniel and Emma

Last night Daniel Radcliffe was on Larry King, and Emma Watson was on David Letterman.  They were both on at the same time, so I ended up flipping back and forth between the two.

Daniel seemed almost a little nervous.  Larry King was pretty much just firing questions at him--some serious, some not.  I think Larry is perhaps used to a little bit more hardened subjects, he was a little intimidating.  And Daniel has kind of a weird shirt on too....Nonetheless, it's an interesting interview, and some of the questions that get answered are ones I haven't necessarily heard asked before.  You can watch it here.  Apparently, he was also on Conan O'Brien (which you can watch here (part 1) and here (part 2)).

Emma was lovely, as usual.  She talked about learning to drive and how she got the part of Hermione.  I was tickled when she talked about how (at 9 years old and despite the fact that millions of girls were probably auditioning) she was absolutely certain she was going to get the part.  Here it is:

UPDATE: And here she is on the Today Show too, where she talks about the importance of Hermione as a smart female roll model.