Piles of Tomatoes

TosWe're finally at that point in the summer where the tomatoes are coming in droves.  If you'll recall, I planted 4 kinds of tomatoes this year--a Purple Russian, a Cantrell German Red, an Arkansas Traveler, and one called Nyagous. 

The Purple Russian has ultimately been pretty unsuccessful--it's been unhealthy looking from the start and I don't think I've gotten more than maybe one tomato from it. 

The Cantrell is producing big tomatoes like the one pictured in the upper left corner of this bowl.  I've only gotten 3 or 4, but they have a nice flavor and they're huge--at least the size of a softball. 

The Arkansas Traveler's are the little red tomatoes pictured.  They've probably been my favorite this year.  Their flavor isn't terribly remarkable, but it's not bad either.  And boy-goodness have they been steady and reliable--I haven't had one crack or bruise, and they're ripening up just perfectly one or two every couple of days.

The Nyagous--the darker tomatoes pictured--are the exact opposite.  They have a very interesting, kind of smokey flavor, but they've been all kinds of touchy.  I've thrown several away that have been too badly split or cracked to use.  They've started to look better since the weather's leveled out, so maybe I'll get some better quality ones as the summer goes on.