The Kid, In Quotes [The Christmas Break Edition]


Sitting in the bathroom, holding his R2D2 toy, and watching us give Little Miss her first bath:

"R2D2 doesn't think you guys know what you're doing."

Watching Little Miss eat:

"Look, she's eating you!"  (Insert creepy, whispery voice.)  "I'm going to eat you too!"

Eating dinner (baked nachos, for the record) himself:

"When I grow up, I'll like yucky dinner."

Shouted up the stairs to me as I was changing Little Miss's diaper:

"You'll never guess what happened in the dining room!"

Recalling the major events of the day to his dada:

"And Little Miss got out all of her poop!"

And, to end on a profound note:

"I really am growing up on you."